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New Zealander by choice, Celtic by descent, Indigenous in Spirit...
Originally from the North of England, from Irish and ~Scottish Ancestry, I am lucky enough to have lived in beautiful New Zealand (Aotearoa) for many years, which has become a home of my soul. Classically trained at Rochdale Art College in North of England, I not choose to follow my own creative path, and allow my art to unfurl as it will.

I am inspired by the natural beautiful colour and spirituality that surround us all in this incredible world that we share. I love the rich arts, the proud history and the vibrant cultures that surround me, and indeed, I am thrilled by the connections and inter-connections of all peoples throughout the world, and how our histories and legends combine to illuminate our path.

I mainly work in oils and acrylics on canvas, book illustrations and ‘Spirit Paintings’

Most of my work is pre-commissioned, however I do exhibit my work periodically.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss a private commission of your own.

Meegwetch . Arohanui . Slainte



25th May 2011
I was honoured greatly to be given a name by the Misabi Clan of the Anishinabae People of Canada.
This name came in the ‘old way’ (through a dream) and was gifted to me by Agawatessengawi’is (an Elder of the Misabi Clan) before he would view a painting that he commissioned me to complete.
That name is “…Naniskakonindji’in…” (pronounced Nah NISS- Kah… (softly) Ko NEEN Jen…)
Which means…

“These Things That Flow From Her Fingers”
I am greatly honoured and humbled by this, and vowed to sign all my works thus from this day forward!

Meegwetch - Meaning - “I Am Honored And Humbled To Have Your Life Touch Mine”)
The name ‘Naniska’ is an abbreviation, and is only used on the front of my works.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss a private commission of your own.
Thank you for your comments , they are all very much appreciated : )
Note: My images do not belong to the Public Domain. All images are copyright Stacey Austin